Everyone drinks Coke right??… The popularity of the soda King has opened the doors for a collaboration between American singer/song writer Will.I.Am called Ekocycle Cube.

Ekocycle cube is a small scale 3D printer that recycles old plastic Coke bottles to create consumer-use plastic items. Developed with 3D systems the printer cube uses cartridges loaded with filament thats produced from 20 ounce plastic coke bottles. 

The machine is pre loaded with 25 patterns of various phone cases, bracelets, vases, bird houses, robots and even shoes. The colour palette is simple, sticking to red, black, white and natural. 

Priced at $1,199 USD the Ekocycle can be purchased through 3D systems website.

Facebook secretly involved thousands of users in a massive social experiment!

The news feeds of nearly 700,000 Facebook users were manipulated as part of a psychological experiment about “emotional contagion” in January 2012, it wasn’t until the results were published in a recent issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The research carried out in partnership with the university of California and Cornell University.

“Emotional contagion is well established in laboratory experiments, with people transferring positive and negative emotions to others” the abstract of the study says however researchers wanted to find out if that transfer could also happen online. 

The way the study occurred was by either decreasing or increasing the positive or negative user news feeds and noting the change in their attitude and posts and vice versa. The manipulation occurred by researchers playing with the exposure of the posts to certain participants. 

The conclusion of the experiment was that the manipulation did have an effect, those exposed to happy content were more likely to upload similar posts themselves along with those exposed to the negative posts. Adam Kramer, a Facebook data scientist and co author of the study published an explanation saying “ The reason we did this research is because we care about the emotional impact of Facebook and the people that use our product” 

Many facebook users are furious at the social experiment carried out by facebook that they took to other social media sites like twitter talking about the manipulation of the feed calling it “orwellian” “unethical” and saying that facebook treated its users like “lab rats” others weren’t phased saying had users read the terms of services upon signing up they would have known what they were agreeing to. 

Tinder, love and care…

Or lack of between Co-founder Justin Mateen and Whitney Wolfe!! Whitney Wolfe a former co founder and marketing manager at Tinder has sued co-founder Justin over allegations of atrocious misogyny and mismanagement which he decided to share over text. 

Word of advice, if you’re successful or just plain smart.. don’t get caught up in a text war with a former flame, who you work with, who knows how much money you earn. Ironically keeping up with the theme of Tinders swipe selection and the famous Beyonce song Mrs Wolfe will definitely be singing “To the Left to the Left.. everything you own in a box to the leffftt” after the lawsuit is settled because this Mateen guy runs his mouth over text like a woman going through a bad breakup while on PMS. 

Below are some of the text exchanges (full of bad english and spelling..)

Google now taking over Cardboard boxes!

Google dropped an inexpensive solution to a virtual reality headset following its I/O Keynote: Google Cardboard. It pretty much is as it sounds, a DIY cardboard that lets Android users transform their phones into VR headsets. 

looking absolutely nothing like the Oculus rift, which was bought by facebook for $2 billion this cardboard box lets users watch Youtube, virtually check out Google Street View or virtually scale some icebergs in Antartica on Google Earth.

Looking like something you’d purchase at IKEA and assemble in the living room, Google Cardboard provides directions to put together the viewer which is made from, Velcro, magnets and lenses. Once put together all you need to do is download the app from Google play store. Try not to use a cereal box and stick to using corrugated cardboard so it doesn’t look wonky when you’re using it. If you’ve got $25 to spend on cardboard and an Android phone this could be your latest gadget.


Theo Robinson & James Bartram

Theo Robinson & James Bartram

Pichi&Avo at Hip Hop Street in Vicar, Almeria, Spain

Pichi&Avo at Hip Hop Street in Vicar, Almeria, Spain

Sprite and Lebron James collaborate on a mix. Miami Heat fans now have something to drink during the NBA finals. 

Sprite and Lebron James collaborate on a mix. 

Miami Heat fans now have something to drink during the NBA finals. 

Adriana Lima drives a standard white Kia, wears a short dress then says Football…

In an attempt to get Americans excited about the sport, KIA the official global partner reached out to one of the most famous Brasilians in America to try and get them to care about the world cup.